Champions League and Europa League In FIFA 19? – Episode 51

FUT FM Episode 51

Hello comrades! We now live in a post 50 episode world and the next target is 100 of course!! Join the dynamic duo as they discuss the latest World Cup ratings, the whole Ronaldo vs Messi TOTS debate, Champs/Europa League coming to FIFA 19, and so much more!

FUT FM Episode 51

FUT FM Episode 51 Highlights

1:00 Past week of votes and Valerio manipulation

8:11 Past week of FIFA + World Cup Predictions Contest!

17:00 La Liga TOTS

19:23 Messi vs Ronaldo TOTS

23:41 World Cup player ratings

27:00 UEFA Champions League and Europa League coming to FIFA 19?

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50th Episode Party!!!

FUT FM Episode 50

Join us for an extra special, extra exciting, extra fun, and extra long 50th episode! From FIFA 18 World Cup mode to a slew of brand new awards (and debates) for the due, you CANNOT miss this episode!

FUT FM Episode 50

FUT FM Episode 50 Highlights

1:04 Past week’s upvotes/downvotes

5:30 Roma vs Liverpool talk

15:30 ESPN Pundits on Roma

19:23 World Cup Mode

24:50 EPL TOTS

28:37 50th Episode anniversary awards begin

30:02 Sexiest Italian

31:07 Sexiest beard

31:50 Best dog

32:51 Best Tweets

33:35 Most triggered

35:31 Most angry

37:12 Best story

39:07 Best voice

40:30 Best FIFA player

44:38 Best FIFA coach

45:22 Best fan of their team

50:07 Best Nutz

50:57 Worst pack luck

52:55 Best Russian spy

53:23 Biggest Totti

55:54 Best host

58:54 Most knowledgeable about football

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YimmieHD On Being A Top FIFA 18 Pro – Episode 49

FUT FM Episodfe 49

As we close in on the fabled 50th episode, one of the best FIFA 18 players in the world stops by. That’s right folks, YimmieHD is here. Tune in as he tells you what really separates the best from the rest, find out Valerio’s thoughts on Roma vs Liverpool, and put on your thinking caps as we speculate about the future of loot boxes in FIFA and gaming.

FUT FM Episode 49

FUT FM Episode 49 Highlights

1:03 How did YimmieHD become a pro?

2:50 The power of kick off goals in FIFA 18.

3:40 How’s the game for pros?

5:37 How a pro builds their team.

9:26 Next steps for YimmieHD.

10:00 Broken FIFA 18 esports qualifying.

16:00 Valerio on Roma in the Champions League.

18:20 Roma ultras problem.

20:15 Valerio’s weirdest meltdown to date, Goran squad battles, and TOTS.

28:30 Fizzy water and Record Breaker (lol) James Milner.

29:43 The future of loot boxes in gaming and FIFA.

32:35 Ibrahimovic glitch.

Birthdays, Marriage, Life, Death – FUT FM Episode 48

FUT FM rolls on as we say farewell to Nelly who will be focusing on other endeavours in the future. Plus, we dig deep into Valerio’s qualification performances, the 433 and its variants, what PES losing the UEFA license means for FIFA, and so much more! P.S. Happy Birthday Valerio!!

FUT FM Episode 48

FUT FM Episode 48 Highlights

Nelly says goodbye and announces a shocking exclusive 😉

Valerio and Goran continue to dig deep into auto switch move assistance.

Valerio analyzes his past qualifying performances.

PES no longer has the UEFA license. Is this good or bad for FIFA?

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FIFA Esports Behind The Scenes With Air Japes

FUT FM Episode 47

Air Japes is back on FUT FM to share his awesome eMLS Cup journey. Find out how he became a commentator for the event, what the preparation was like, and learn all about his favorite parts of the FIFA esports scene. Also, we continue to examine the positive effects auto switch move assistance has on our gameplay!

FUT FM Episode 47

FUT FM Episode 47 Highlights

2:00 Roma-Barcelona coverage

11:18 Pop succumbs to auto switch move assistance

12:50 Nelly miscalculating the FUT Swap promo

14:25 What competitive FIFA looks like to other eSports

23:00 eMLS Cup vs Manchester FUT Champions Cup

40;00 Manchester event overall thoughts and recap

45:00 Potential pro fifa player rankings based on tournament finishes

45:49 FIFA Online 3 players getting spots to playoffs

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