50th Episode Party!!!

Join us for an extra special, extra exciting, extra fun, and extra long 50th episode! From FIFA 18 World Cup mode to a slew of brand new awards (and debates) for the due, you CANNOT miss this episode!

FUT FM Episode 50

FUT FM Episode 50 Highlights

1:04 Past week’s upvotes/downvotes

5:30 Roma vs Liverpool talk

15:30 ESPN Pundits on Roma

19:23 World Cup Mode

24:50 EPL TOTS

28:37 50th Episode anniversary awards begin

30:02 Sexiest Italian

31:07 Sexiest beard

31:50 Best dog

32:51 Best Tweets

33:35 Most triggered

35:31 Most angry

37:12 Best story

39:07 Best voice

40:30 Best FIFA player

44:38 Best FIFA coach

45:22 Best fan of their team

50:07 Best Nutz

50:57 Worst pack luck

52:55 Best Russian spy

53:23 Biggest Totti

55:54 Best host

58:54 Most knowledgeable about football

And if you missed last week’s episode, check it out over here!