An Exciting Announcement – Episode 53

Join Goran (drpoplove) and Valerio (Italian Stallion) as they drop a huge announcement about the future of FUT FM! Plus, the dynamic duo discusses and debates the new World Cup icons, the potential meta of the new mode, the Amsterdam playoffs, and the imminent arrival of TOTS 94 Jonas. Don’t miss this episode folks!!

FUT FM Episode 53

FUT FM Highlights

0:52 FUT FM RAW announcement.

2:48 New World Cup Icons, THAT Klose card, Nakata, and 89 Maradona.

9:38 What’s the meta going to be for the World Cup update?

12:20 Valerio’s sci fi rockets and alien abductions…

13:00 TOTS 94 Jonas!!!

16:40 Amsterdam playoffs, Kurt’s reaction to the Paris event, the problem with kick off goals.

24:00 FIFA esports evolution and growing pains.

P.S. Check out Episode 52 here.