The Birth And Death Of #FixFIFA – Episode 26

Nelly returns from a wonderful vacation and swaps horseback riding stories with Valerio! We talk about the best crotch protection methods, cocktails, oh, and we also talk about FIFA! From the #FixFIFA movement to our first qualifying month, you don’t want to miss this episode! Stay until the end for a special behind the scenes look.

FUT FM Epiosde 26

FUT FM Episode 26 Topic List

The birth and death of the #FixFIFA movement.
Valerio’s Weekend League shenanigans with 26 rage quits.
Nelly’s beautiful vacation.
PES mechanics making their way to FIFA.
Going undefeated in away matches in the Weekend League.
What’s up with FIFA 18 pack weights?
Loot box regulation won’t really fix anything.

This episode features drpoplove (Goran), Italian Stallion (Valerio), and¬†Nellygotbored (Nenad).¬†Thanks for listening, we’ll catch you next week.

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