Elite 1 Gameplay Advice – FUT FM Episode 46

This week, the gang focuses on wringing as much gameplay advice as it can from the Italian Stallion himself! Valerio has been finishing with 34 – 37 wins all year, and has been in and out of the T100. Find out how he got his start, what his tactics are, the formations and instructions he uses, and more!

FUT FM Episode 46

FUT FM Episode 46 Highlights

1:51 Valerio’s FIFA start

5;40 First look at formations and customs

7:29 433 experimentation

11:01 FIFA 17 T100 formations and tactics

12:10 FIFA 17 vs FIFA 18 defending

13:40 From casual to T100

14:45 importance of a mentor

16:28 FIFA18 journey begins

19:39 Settings customization

23:35 False 9 tactics

27:48 WL results depending on formation

30:23 eMLS Cup talk

32:38 FIFA 18 failed experiments

40:57 Training buddies

51:14 Positive and negative mentality

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