FIFA Esports Behind The Scenes With Air Japes

Air Japes is back on FUT FM to share his awesome eMLS Cup journey. Find out how he became a commentator for the event, what the preparation was like, and learn all about his favorite parts of the FIFA esports scene. Also, we continue to examine the positive effects auto switch move assistance has on our gameplay!

FUT FM Episode 47

FUT FM Episode 47 Highlights

2:00 Roma-Barcelona coverage

11:18 Pop succumbs to auto switch move assistance

12:50 Nelly miscalculating the FUT Swap promo

14:25 What competitive FIFA looks like to other eSports

23:00 eMLS Cup vs Manchester FUT Champions Cup

40;00 Manchester event overall thoughts and recap

45:00 Potential pro fifa player rankings based on tournament finishes

45:49 FIFA Online 3 players getting spots to playoffs

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