ImADuckQuackk On FIFA and Potatoes – Episode 43

Legendary FIFA trader ImADuckQuackk joins the FUT FM crew to discuss FIFA, the FUT Birthday promo, and to peel some potatoes! PLUS, Mr. Quackk reveals the intricate story behind his name and we cover some huge players like Prime Icon Larsso, Laurent Blanc, Sonaldo, Kante, and more! Don’t miss this episode, you’ll regret not hearing from Mr. Quackk.

FUT FM Episode 43

FUT FM Episode 43 Highlights

2:02 Roma makes it through the next round of the Champions League!

3:03 Prime Icon Larsson vote tally and discussion.

5:35 David Luiz and Boateng get destroyed.

7:35 People are shocked Valerio has a YouTube channel!

7:56 Quack’s real name!

10:12 Nelly’s past week of FIFA.

12:22 Quack’s past week of FIFA + lack of content or too much content?

18:50 Is investing and trading part of the gameplay in FIFA 18?

20:56 Nelly tries say Fortnite doesn’t have luck, LOL!

22:58 FUT without microtransactions?

25:38 It’s called Ultimate Team but it takes 10 months to get your ultimate team.

28:00 FUT Birthday discussion.

32:57 Having fun with the game vs worrying about the market.

36:05 DKT with regular card rewards.

37:59 88 Kante and 87 Son mini reviews.

41:00 Quack starts peeling potatoes mid podcast!!!

44:13 Draft Story tournament.

49:09 The story behind Quack’s username.

50:10 World Cup mode speculation.

This episode features drpoplove (Goran), Italian Stallion (Valerio), Nellygotbored (Nenad), and ImADuckQuackk.

P.S. Don’t miss last week’s episode with Sky Sports Austria!