Our First Giveaway ($50 PSN/XBL Card) – Episode 05

Hey comrades, before we get to the show notes we have an exciting announcement! We’re giving away a $50 PSN or XBL gift card (your choice) at the end of July 2017. To enter for a chance to win, all you need to do is follow us on Twitter and retweet the tweet below. Good luck!

The State OF Goalkeepers In FIFA 17

We know that goalkeepers in FIFA have never been great, and sometimes they’re entirely broken. Isn’t it strange that they’ve never been truly fixed? Is this even possible? The game has to remain fun and you have to be able to score, but when the ball bounces towards the keeper, he should definitely not kick it into his own net.

There’s no denying that the initial shot should have been a goal there, but damn son, what’s the keeper doing?

Everyone Plays With The Same Player Instructions

FIFA might have a tactical problem. If everyone plays forwards with “get in behind” and full backs with “stay back when attacking,” does that mean the game is limited in its ability to handle other instructions effectively? Or does this simply mean that these are the best options by far?

Either way, it contributes to a stale metagame that settles extremely early in the game’s lifespan and doesn’t evolve too much.

A Survey Of Over 3400 FIFA 17 Players

Want to know how FIFA players play the game and what they actually think of it? Be sure to watch the video below.

By the way, if you missed last week’s episode, be sure to tune in!

In this episode: drpoplove (Goran), Italian Stallion (Valerio), Nellygotbored (Nenad), and Chappers (Elis). Thanks for listening, and we’ll be back next week with a brand new FUT FM!

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