FIFA Esports Behind The Scenes With Air Japes

FUT FM Episode 47

Air Japes is back on FUT FM to share his awesome eMLS Cup journey. Find out how he became a commentator for the event, what the preparation was like, and learn all about his favorite parts of the FIFA esports scene. Also, we continue to examine the positive effects auto switch move assistance has on our gameplay!

FUT FM Episode 47

FUT FM Episode 47 Highlights

2:00 Roma-Barcelona coverage

11:18 Pop succumbs to auto switch move assistance

12:50 Nelly miscalculating the FUT Swap promo

14:25 What competitive FIFA looks like to other eSports

23:00 eMLS Cup vs Manchester FUT Champions Cup

40;00 Manchester event overall thoughts and recap

45:00 Potential pro fifa player rankings based on tournament finishes

45:49 FIFA Online 3 players getting spots to playoffs

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Elite 1 Gameplay Advice – FUT FM Episode 46

FUT FM Episode 46

This week, the gang focuses on wringing as much gameplay advice as it can from the Italian Stallion himself! Valerio has been finishing with 34 – 37 wins all year, and has been in and out of the T100. Find out how he got his start, what his tactics are, the formations and instructions he uses, and more!

FUT FM Episode 46

FUT FM Episode 46 Highlights

1:51 Valerio’s FIFA start

5;40 First look at formations and customs

7:29 433 experimentation

11:01 FIFA 17 T100 formations and tactics

12:10 FIFA 17 vs FIFA 18 defending

13:40 From casual to T100

14:45 importance of a mentor

16:28 FIFA18 journey begins

19:39 Settings customization

23:35 False 9 tactics

27:48 WL results depending on formation

30:23 eMLS Cup talk

32:38 FIFA 18 failed experiments

40:57 Training buddies

51:14 Positive and negative mentality

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Air Japes eMLS Cup Announcement – FUT FM Episode 45

FUT FM Episode 45

Air Japes joins the FUT FM gang to announce that he’ll be the commentator at the upcoming eMLS Cup! Tune in to hear all of the exciting details about what might be the most exciting competitive FIFA event ever held. PLUS, we continue the raging debate from last week… can you support more than 1 football club?

FUT FM Episode 45

FUT FM Episode 45 Highlights

3:39 Air Japes eMLS Cup Announcement

21:47 Past week of votes

22:35 Can you support more than one club??

36:34 Valerio’s switch move assistance and analog sprint experiments

42:49 Firmino 87 card review and hug etiquette

49:36 PC cards having incorrect attributes in FUT

51:51 Everyone’s future plans for FIFA

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The Fight To End All Fights – Episode 44

FUT FM Episode 44

The FUT FM gang has got their hands on Prime Icon Ronaldo! Is he as good as everyone says? IS HE!?! Find out by tuning in. PLUUUS, drpoplove finally reveals the team he supports, we review SBC Kaka and FUT Birthday Florenzi, we go over the potential “chemgate 2.” Oh… and we might fight like absolute animals starting at 57:23. Do not miss this episode… it could be the last one.

FUT FM Episode 44

FUT FM Episode 44 Highlights

10:30 Valerio completes his stages of grief.

11:19 The problem of passing in FIFA 18 vs defensive agility.

14:05 L2R2 is arguably more useful in FIFA 18 (and of course more realistic).

14:35 FUT Birthday Florenzi review and discussion.

18:49 Valerio ignoring Nelly’s accomplishment.

19:21 SBC Kaka review.

24:02 Prime Icon Ronaldo review and discussion.

21:27 Is there a new glitch in FIFA 18 with traits not working?

36:41 What do you do when you feel that FIFA is “done” for the year?

45:12 New World Cup kits and competition discussion.

47:45 Goran reveals he’s a Manchester United supporter, talks about current state of club.

55:16 7 – 1

57:23 Can you support more than 1 club? AKA the biggest fight ever. Words don’t do this one justice, just tune in…

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ImADuckQuackk On FIFA and Potatoes – Episode 43

FUT FM Episode 43

Legendary FIFA trader ImADuckQuackk joins the FUT FM crew to discuss FIFA, the FUT Birthday promo, and to peel some potatoes! PLUS, Mr. Quackk reveals the intricate story behind his name and we cover some huge players like Prime Icon Larsso, Laurent Blanc, Sonaldo, Kante, and more! Don’t miss this episode, you’ll regret not hearing from Mr. Quackk.

FUT FM Episode 43

FUT FM Episode 43 Highlights

2:02 Roma makes it through the next round of the Champions League!

3:03 Prime Icon Larsson vote tally and discussion.

5:35 David Luiz and Boateng get destroyed.

7:35 People are shocked Valerio has a YouTube channel!

7:56 Quack’s real name!

10:12 Nelly’s past week of FIFA.

12:22 Quack’s past week of FIFA + lack of content or too much content?

18:50 Is investing and trading part of the gameplay in FIFA 18?

20:56 Nelly tries say Fortnite doesn’t have luck, LOL!

22:58 FUT without microtransactions?

25:38 It’s called Ultimate Team but it takes 10 months to get your ultimate team.

28:00 FUT Birthday discussion.

32:57 Having fun with the game vs worrying about the market.

36:05 DKT with regular card rewards.

37:59 88 Kante and 87 Son mini reviews.

41:00 Quack starts peeling potatoes mid podcast!!!

44:13 Draft Story tournament.

49:09 The story behind Quack’s username.

50:10 World Cup mode speculation.

This episode features drpoplove (Goran), Italian Stallion (Valerio), Nellygotbored (Nenad), and ImADuckQuackk.

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