eBundesliga Chat With Sky Sports Austria Editor

FUT FM Episode 42

Lukas Richter of Sky Sports Austria joins the FUT FM gang to tell us all about the eBundesliga! Learn all about its recent history and format, and find out what the future might hold. Interestingly enough, the eBundesliga is not an EA tied league! PLUS, we discuss the current state of gameplay during PTG and review David Luiz and Prime Icon Larsson. Don’t miss this one!

FUT FM Episode 42

FUT FM Episode 42 Highlights

1:34 How Lukas got into covering the eBundesliga.

3:13 eBundesliga format (NO FUT!).

6:00 Typical ages for eBundesliga players.

6:45 How do teams sign players in FIFA 18?

9:20 EA’s lack of involvement in the eBundesliga.

11:06 Lukas’ thoughts on FIFA 18.

14:15 Lukas’ favorite part about his unique job.

15:12 What’s the ceiling for esports?

18:34 EA’s internet gets physically cut.

19:58 Past week of FIFA.

21:38 Valerio’s FFA sugar daddy rant.

26:06 Goran’s beef of the week.

33:55 Past week of voting.

36:56 David Luiz discussion.

38:40 Prime Larsson discussion.

44:40 Full backs swapping for the entire match.

This episode features drpoplove (Goran), Italian Stallion (Valerio), Nellygotbored (Nenad), and Lukas Richter of Sky Sports Austria.

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Prime Icon Maradona Is Here – Episode 41

FUT FM Episode 41

Well, he’s here… as in the game. Not on the show. Jeez, could you imagine that? Hey Diego, if yer listening, the door is open. Anyyyyway, join the FUT FM gang as they fall in love with Prime Icon Maradona in FIFA 18! There also seems to be a return of low pressure players in the Weekend League, and goalkeepers seem to performing well again. Maybe. Let’s get to the bottom of this with today’s episode!

FUT FM Episode 41

FUT FM Episode 41 Highlights

0:37 Maradona panel talk.
4:39 IF Jesus is the GOAT
5:45 Past week of FIFA
7:12 De Gea shoutout for his throws and the mystery of goalkeepers
9:23 The journey of buying different cards for the same player
12:10 Last week’s polls
15:00 Walking through the Nelly vs Pop rivalry
32:28 Winter player upgrades
34:24 Potential La Liga SBC
39:19 SBCss are as soothing as hot knives cutting through butter videos…

This episode features drpoplove (Goran), Italian Stallion (Valerio), and Nellygotbored (Nenad), 

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The State Of The FIFA Pro Scene With Bullock – Episode 40

Former European Champion Christopher Bullock joins us for an action packed episode focused on FIFA esports. We get pretty wild this week with ideas of crowdfunding the prize pool, keeping organizations and their contracts honest, and so much more! Tune in to hear what a pro actually thinks about the current FIFA 18 pro scene.

FUT FM Episode 40

FUT FM Episode 40 Highlights

1:40 – Last week’s upvotes/downvotes.
8:00 – Previous week of FIFA action and Nelly’s pedicure!
10:00 – Goran’s MOTM Gundogan and Willian reviews.
11:53 – FIFA conspiracy theories Bullock believes in, including bronze benching and only playing with a certain amount of high rated players.
13:17 – Gfinity draft drama and the pro scene.
29:53 Bullock’s break from FIFA and pros blocking pros right now.
41:41 Bullock’s thoughts on FIFA 18 and what he wants to see in FIFA 19.
43:22 Nelly goes after Goran ALLEGEDLY forgetting upvotes/downvotes but gets schooled.
46:29 Dragon Ball Z FM

This episode features drpoplove (Goran), Italian Stallion (Valerio), Nellygotbored (Nenad), and Christopher Bullock.

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The Anticipated Return Of AirJapes – FUT FM Episode 39

FUT FM Episode 39

Everyone’s favorite FUT FM guest is back, that’s right, AirJapes is here! Join us as we discuss the design of FIFA Ultimate Team and whether it needs to be updated. We also debate whether FIFA should reward football IQ or AI mastery, and so much more! Don’t miss this episode, Valerio and Japes fight it out gladiator style!

FUT FM Episode 39 Air Japes

This episode features drpoplove (Goran), Italian Stallion (Valerio), Nellygotbored (Nenad), and AirJapes.

And don’t forget to tune into last week’s episode in case you missed it.

FIFA 18 Is Like An Italian Chef’s Food – Episode 38

FUT FM Episode 38

Oh hi, didn’t see you there! Just kidding, we’ve been watching this entire time. Closely. Longingly. Mmmmmmm… So anyway, the FUT FM gang is back for another blistering episode! Join as as we review Prime Icon 91 Shevchenko, try to make the 4333 with the False 9 work in the Weekend League, and more. So much more. In fact, Valerio gifts us the greatest FUT FM podcast moment in history when he compare’s FIFA 18 to his mother’s cooking. You absolutely cannot miss this episode!

FUT FM Episode 38

FUT FM Episode 38 Highlights 

0:46 Valerio Hates Pep Guardiola??

6:32 Past week’s voting results.

11:55 Nelly’s new team.

13:20 Rio Ferdinand discussion at Barcelona and beyond.

18:50 Valerio’s Prime Icon Shevchenko review.

22:32 Valerio’s new tactics.

25:42 Pop’s Willian can play anywhere.

28:04 Valerio’s and Nelly’s player that can play anywhere & 2017 Son POTM card discussion.

32:50 Nelly using basketball terminology on his FIFA streams.

35:02 JJ Okocha and Van Der Sar Prime Icons + 2 new league SBCs (Bundesliga and J League).

42:13 Latest patch discussion… did it change anything?

45:45 Valerio’s equates FIFA to his mother’s cooking.

49:00 Frostbite engine discussion and game development talk.

This episode features drpoplove (Goran), Italian Stallion (Valerio), and Nellygotbored (Nenad).

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