To Ragequit Or Not To Ragequit? FUT FM Episode 54

FUT FM Episode 54

Oh boy, it’s been a spicy week of FIFA! Between Lebron memes and quitting/time wasting at tournaments, Goran and Valerio have got you covered! We also talk about how how the World Cup mode is progressing, the state of passing, the return of delay, pack weights after 3800 Euro, and so much more! Don’t miss this show.

FUT FM Episode 54 Highlights

0:14 Valerio doesn’t know how fevers work.

1:45 FIFA 18 Amsterdam playoffs, time wasting, and THAT moment.

7:34 Should there be anti time wasting rules?

9:42 World Cup mode discussion including packs, passing, defending, delay, and skill level.

19:09 Playing FUT Champs with a fever.

20:09 New research on pack weights.

24:45 FIFA 16 and FIFA Street.

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World Cup Mode Drilldown – FUT FM Raw Episode 1

FUT FM RAW Episode 1

Unfiltered, unedited, and after hours – that’s right – this is the first episode of FUT FM RAW! Tune in as the FUT FM duo reveals their thoughts on the recent FIFA 18 World Cup mode, the Amsterdam XBOX Playoff Finals, how GDPR might affect FIFA, and so much more. Blink and you’ll miss it!

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An Exciting Announcement – Episode 53

Episode 53

Join Goran (drpoplove) and Valerio (Italian Stallion) as they drop a huge announcement about the future of FUT FM! Plus, the dynamic duo discusses and debates the new World Cup icons, the potential meta of the new mode, the Amsterdam playoffs, and the imminent arrival of TOTS 94 Jonas. Don’t miss this episode folks!!

FUT FM Episode 53

FUT FM Highlights

0:52 FUT FM RAW announcement.

2:48 New World Cup Icons, THAT Klose card, Nakata, and 89 Maradona.

9:38 What’s the meta going to be for the World Cup update?

12:20 Valerio’s sci fi rockets and alien abductions…

13:00 TOTS 94 Jonas!!!

16:40 Amsterdam playoffs, Kurt’s reaction to the Paris event, the problem with kick off goals.

24:00 FIFA esports evolution and growing pains.

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Right Before The World Cup Update – Episode 52

FUT FM Episode 52

Hello comrades, welcome back to another special FUT FM episode! Join Valerio and Goran as they make their way through the latest and final FIFA 18 World Cup update ratings, chat about the recent Paris event, their past week of FIFA, and the Bundesliga TOTS. Don’t miss it!

FUT FM Episode 52

FUT FM Episode 52 Highlights

0:18 Past week of votes.
9:06 Past week of FIFA.
18:32 Paris club eWorld Cup.
21:48 Bundesliga TOTS.
25:15 World Cup update player ratings.

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Champions League and Europa League In FIFA 19? – Episode 51

FUT FM Episode 51

Hello comrades! We now live in a post 50 episode world and the next target is 100 of course!! Join the dynamic duo as they discuss the latest World Cup ratings, the whole Ronaldo vs Messi TOTS debate, Champs/Europa League coming to FIFA 19, and so much more!

FUT FM Episode 51

FUT FM Episode 51 Highlights

1:00 Past week of votes and Valerio manipulation

8:11 Past week of FIFA + World Cup Predictions Contest!

17:00 La Liga TOTS

19:23 Messi vs Ronaldo TOTS

23:41 World Cup player ratings

27:00 UEFA Champions League and Europa League coming to FIFA 19?

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