FIFA Esports Behind The Scenes With Air Japes

FUT FM Episode 47

Air Japes is back on FUT FM to share his awesome eMLS Cup journey. Find out how he became a commentator for the event, what the preparation was like, and learn all about his favorite parts of the FIFA esports scene. Also, we continue to examine the positive effects auto switch move assistance has on our gameplay!

FUT FM Episode 47

FUT FM Episode 47 Highlights

2:00 Roma-Barcelona coverage

11:18 Pop succumbs to auto switch move assistance

12:50 Nelly miscalculating the FUT Swap promo

14:25 What competitive FIFA looks like to other eSports

23:00 eMLS Cup vs Manchester FUT Champions Cup

40;00 Manchester event overall thoughts and recap

45:00 Potential pro fifa player rankings based on tournament finishes

45:49 FIFA Online 3 players getting spots to playoffs

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Air Japes eMLS Cup Announcement – FUT FM Episode 45

FUT FM Episode 45

Air Japes joins the FUT FM gang to announce that he’ll be the commentator at the upcoming eMLS Cup! Tune in to hear all of the exciting details about what might be the most exciting competitive FIFA event ever held. PLUS, we continue the raging debate from last week… can you support more than 1 football club?

FUT FM Episode 45

FUT FM Episode 45 Highlights

3:39 Air Japes eMLS Cup Announcement

21:47 Past week of votes

22:35 Can you support more than one club??

36:34 Valerio’s switch move assistance and analog sprint experiments

42:49 Firmino 87 card review and hug etiquette

49:36 PC cards having incorrect attributes in FUT

51:51 Everyone’s future plans for FIFA

By the way, do you want to hear how the 1 club football debate got started? Listen to last week’s episode (around the 57 minute mark).

Thoughts On FIFA 18 With Air Japes – Episode 18

FUT FM Episode 18

Air Japes returns after a week of FIFA 18 and shares his thoughts about every inch of FIFA 18. From best formations and player instructions to the current state of dribbling and defending, this special FUT FM episode is a must listen for anyone getting into FIFA 18!

FUT FM Episode 18

FUT FM Episode 18 Topic List

Sniping players.
Constant trading.
Japes on FIFA 18 PC.
Why isn’t competitive FIFA played on PC with any controller you want?
drpoplove fails the Mane SBC like an idiot.
The mythical De Rossi SBC.
How is the new defending in FIFA 18 during delay?
Japes on FIFA 18 defending.
The current state of FIFA 18 goalkeepers.
Defensive custom tactics (pre Weekend league).
The importance of work rates and player instructions in FIFA 18.
The beauty of the false 9.
How’s the new dribbling holding up in FIFA 18?
Does FIFA 18 have more or less “EAIDS”?
Inconsistent Squad Battles AI.
Best FIFA 18 formations and favorite ones.
Live FIFA 18 pack opening (lol).

This episode features drpoplove (Goran), Italian Stallion (Valerio), Nellygotbored (Nenad), and Air Japes. Thanks for listening, we’ll see you next week.

Don’t forget to listen to last week’s episode in case you missed it!

Air Japes Answers Your Questions

Air Japes returns this week to tackle some of your hard hitting questions with the FUT FM gang, trigger Valerio, bid on David Villa, and spit fire about FIFA 18. With just a few weeks from the launch of the new game, things are heating up quicker than the one man microwave dinner you slogged through whilst crying over your ex in your filthy living room. Wait, where were we? Oh yeah, don’t miss this episode!

FUT FM Episode 13


Alright comrades, here’s the scenario. David Villa is around his late 20s and has scored over 20 goals for 5 or 6 years at Valencia. If this happened in today’s transfer market, how much do you think he sells for? Let us know by Tweeting at us and use #FUTFMTRANSFERS so others can easily discoer your post.

We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we enjoyed recording it! Right now is the calm before the storm, FIFA 18 is about to drop and when the demo hits (presumably on the 15th of September), it’s going to get super spicy!

This episode features drpoplove (Goran), Italian Stallion (Valerio), Nellygotbored (Nenad), and Air Japes. Thanks for listening, we’ll see you next week.

By the way, don’t forget to check out last week’s episode if you haven’t already.