The Fight To End All Fights – Episode 44

The FUT FM gang has got their hands on Prime Icon Ronaldo! Is he as good as everyone says? IS HE!?! Find out by tuning in. PLUUUS, drpoplove finally reveals the team he supports, we review SBC Kaka and FUT Birthday Florenzi, we go over the potential “chemgate 2.” Oh… and we might fight like absolute animals starting at 57:23. Do not miss this episode… it could be the last one.

FUT FM Episode 44

FUT FM Episode 44 Highlights

10:30 Valerio completes his stages of grief.

11:19 The problem of passing in FIFA 18 vs defensive agility.

14:05 L2R2 is arguably more useful in FIFA 18 (and of course more realistic).

14:35 FUT Birthday Florenzi review and discussion.

18:49 Valerio ignoring Nelly’s accomplishment.

19:21 SBC Kaka review.

24:02 Prime Icon Ronaldo review and discussion.

21:27 Is there a new glitch in FIFA 18 with traits not working?

36:41 What do you do when you feel that FIFA is “done” for the year?

45:12 New World Cup kits and competition discussion.

47:45 Goran reveals he’s a Manchester United supporter, talks about current state of club.

55:16 7 – 1

57:23 Can you support more than 1 club? AKA the biggest fight ever. Words don’t do this one justice, just tune in…

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