To Ragequit Or Not To Ragequit? FUT FM Episode 54

Oh boy, it’s been a spicy week of FIFA! Between Lebron memes and quitting/time wasting at tournaments, Goran and Valerio have got you covered! We also talk about how how the World Cup mode is progressing, the state of passing, the return of delay, pack weights after 3800 Euro, and so much more! Don’t miss this show.

FUT FM Episode 54 Highlights

0:14 Valerio doesn’t know how fevers work.

1:45 FIFA 18 Amsterdam playoffs, time wasting, and THAT moment.

7:34 Should there be anti time wasting rules?

9:42 World Cup mode discussion including packs, passing, defending, delay, and skill level.

19:09 Playing FUT Champs with a fever.

20:09 New research on pack weights.

24:45 FIFA 16 and FIFA Street.

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