Vanilla Ice Cream With FIFA 18 Sprinkles – Episode 20

As FIFA 18 rolls on, some of us (ahem, Valerio) severely underestimate what it take to play 2 Weekend Leagues in 1 weekend. Some of us (ahem, Nelly) get exposed to the worst glitches FIFA 18 has to offer, and some of us (ahem, Goran) have a super smooth experience that can’t possibly last. PLUS, we take a look at the new Prime Icons, Crespo, Zanetti, and more!

FUT FM Episode 20

FUT FM Episode 20 Topic List

Playing 2 Weekend Leagues at once in FIFA 18.
Eden Hazard is a beast in this game!
Does Eric Bailly suck in FIFA 18?
Valerio’s 80 trillion coin team…
Crespo, Zanetti, and Blanc Icon cards in FIFA 18.
Is Son OP this year or not?
Problems with defensive AI and first touches.
Drpoplove gets mad at Nelly’s attitude towards custom tactics.
Valerio’s missing coins…
Is 352 any good in FIFA 18?
The value of player instructions in FIFA 18.
Valerio’s ice cream player instructions analogy.
Rui Costa, Del Piero, and Overmars Prime FIFA 18 icons.
Valerio mocks all of America.
The FUT FM HR department.
Liga NOS SBC, Russian League SBC, and Harry Kane POTM in FIFA 18.
The awful state of FIFA 18 referees.
This episode features drpoplove (Goran), Italian Stallion (Valerio), and Nellygotbored (Nenad).
P.S. Missed last week’s episode? Catch it right here.

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