YimmieHD On Being A Top FIFA 18 Pro – Episode 49

As we close in on the fabled 50th episode, one of the best FIFA 18 players in the world stops by. That’s right folks, YimmieHD is here. Tune in as he tells you what really separates the best from the rest, find out Valerio’s thoughts on Roma vs Liverpool, and put on your thinking caps as we speculate about the future of loot boxes in FIFA and gaming.

FUT FM Episode 49

FUT FM Episode 49 Highlights

1:03 How did YimmieHD become a pro?

2:50 The power of kick off goals in FIFA 18.

3:40 How’s the game for pros?

5:37 How a pro builds their team.

9:26 Next steps for YimmieHD.

10:00 Broken FIFA 18 esports qualifying.

16:00 Valerio on Roma in the Champions League.

18:20 Roma ultras problem.

20:15 Valerio’s weirdest meltdown to date, Goran squad battles, and TOTS.

28:30 Fizzy water and Record Breaker (lol) James Milner.

29:43 The future of loot boxes in gaming and FIFA.

32:35 Ibrahimovic glitch.